Bartın GoTürkiye

Located at the shores of western Black Sea, Bartın is a forest rich city at the western end of Küre Mountains National Park. With its 3000-years old historical, cultural and folkloric values Bartın city encompasses ancient Sesamos (Amasra), Kromna (Kurucaşile) and Erythinoi (Çakraz)

Parthenios River (Bartın Çayı) forms a natural border between the ancient Paphlagonia and Bithynia regions.  Ancient historians mention Parthenopolis, todays Bartın, as an important settlement by the banks of the river.  The city center is surrounded by water on three sides which makes the region Türkiye's only river port, as well as the only city where three rivers pass through. 

Social elements such as ship-throwing ceremony,  folkloric costumes,  hand embroidery, wire breaking, weaving, wood carving (charm), shipbuilding, stone sheet making, local cuisine, local events and celebration days are indispensable for the vibrant cultural life of Bartın.